Iowa Distilling Company is proud to have our roots in Cumming, IA and excited to be a VIP sponsor of the 2021 Home Show Expo. As we welcome guests of the Expo to the dot on the map we call home. We are locals. We’re from here and we’ve chosen to stay here. Not because we have to, but because this place is who we are. We’ve done our homework. We’ve put in the time. We were one of the first in the state to get a native-distilling license. That means our aged spirits are aged right here in Iowa. We’ve researched our craft tirelessly to make sure every bottle we produce is our best product, every time.

Learn how to make one of our signature cocktails served at Iowa Distilling Company's craft cocktail lounge. The first cocktail being enjoyed is a Van Gogh's Mule which is made with our flagship cinnamon whiskey.

The second cocktail available is a Sinner Cream, made with Iowa Distilling Company's Saints 'n Sinners. Simple and refreshing cocktail can be enjoyed anytime. We have been told to think of apple pie a la mode when sipping on this drink.

Iowa Distilling Company

Discover Iowa’s Spirit with our Flagship Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey, Saints ‘n Sinners Apple Pie, gluten free Zone vodka, barrel aged Steel Drum Rum or any of our other award-winning spirits at your local establishment, grocery store or wherever spirits are sold.

We are working hard to move from Iowa Distilling Company to Iowa’s Distilling Company. That apostrophe ‘s’ doesn’t come easy and we are willing to put in the work so you can enjoy local spirits.


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The Iowa Distilling Company Small-Batch Process

Local Ingredients, Hand Distilled in Ridiculously Small Batches

Most American whiskey is made in factories humming with computer-controlled machinery. That method certainly makes a lot of whiskey in a hurry…but that is not our method.

Our process starts when we visit our local farmers’ coop to purchase Iowa corn. It is the best corn on the planet, grown by farmers who know a thing or two about growing corn. We bring the corn back to our distillery in Cumming, Iowa, where we grind it into flour.
We mix the corn flour with pure water and cook it in our stainless steel tanks. Then we add water, malt, and yeast and allow it to ferment naturally.
Once the yeast has converted the sugar from the corn starches into alcohol, we separate the liquid wash from the grain solids. That grain is then donated to local farmers to feed Warren County’s happiest livestock.
The liquid wash from a fermenter goes directly into our stills. Our small pot stills are made entirely of stainless steel, copper, and glass. We fill them by hand and monitor them constantly to ensure that every batch of whiskey has consistent quality and characteristics. After we distill our whiskey, we distill it again, at least one more time. This second distillation makes a smooth whiskey even smoother. Finally, we add pure water to reduce the whiskey’s final proof before bottling.