We are excited to welcome Ragbrai to Cumming, IA and sharing the Iowa Distilling experience with the riders that are coming to our little slice of heaven. You won’t want to miss out on 2019’s “Best Local Distillery” by CITYVIEW. We will be open for a sneak peak of how our award winning spirits are made. As well as offering a select number of our signature cocktails for riders to enjoy. As well as a few other highlights that we hope Ragbrai riders will remember. We look forward to sharing the Iowa Distilling story and welcoming you to the family. We will be open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm on Tuesday.

Iowa Distilling Company, Cumming Tap and City of Cumming are looking forward to welcoming Ragbrai. Here is just a little taste of what Iowa Distilling Company and the City of Cumming will have for cyclists to enjoy as they past through our community.


  • 5 Minutes to Midnight
  • Big Red Food Truck
  • Clare's Tenderloins
  • Climb for Haiti
  • Crown College Missions
  • Des Moines Bacon & Meat Co.
  • Flame
  • Garden of Eden
  • Hotsy Totsy
  • McSqueezin Lemonade
  • Protein Place
  • Say Cheese
  • Smokin G's BBQ
  • Solar Smoothies
  • Tender Tom's Turkey
  • Zipps Pizzeria

Too many more to name, check back and we will keep releasing the names of vendors excited to serve the cyclists as they come through town.

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Join in the Fun and Volunteer

On Tuesday, July 23rd Ragbrai will be coming to Cumming, IA and we need your help. We are looking for volunteers to help us in a variety of ways from:

  • explaining the distilling process
  • being at the merchandise table
  • helping to serve drinks
  • greeter at the entrance
  • assisting in helping to purchase drink tickets

As well as a few other special tasks that will help in make the day a success. We are looking for volunteers to help us for 3 hour shifts during the event (8am – 11am, 11am – 2pm or 2pm – 5pm). To sign up for a shift that works best with your schedule, please use the following link: volunteersignup.org/YRH7Y


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Stay connected with everything happening in Cumming, IA on their Facebook page as Ragbrai passes through.

The Iowa Distilling Company Small-Batch Process

Local Ingredients, Hand Distilled in Ridiculously Small Batches

Most American whiskey is made in factories humming with computer-controlled machinery. That method certainly makes a lot of whiskey in a hurry…but that is not our method.

Our process starts when we visit our local farmers’ coop to purchase Iowa corn. It is the best corn on the planet, grown by farmers who know a thing or two about growing corn. We bring the corn back to our distillery in Cumming, Iowa, where we grind it into flour.
We mix the corn flour with pure water and cook it in our stainless steel tanks. Then we add water, malt, and yeast and allow it to ferment naturally.
Once the yeast has converted the sugar from the corn starches into alcohol, we separate the liquid wash from the grain solids. That grain is then donated to local farmers to feed Warren County’s happiest livestock.
The liquid wash from a fermenter goes directly into our stills. Our small pot stills are made entirely of stainless steel, copper, and glass. We fill them by hand and monitor them constantly to ensure that every batch of whiskey has consistent quality and characteristics. After we distill our whiskey, we distill it again, at least one more time. This second distillation makes a smooth whiskey even smoother. Finally, we add pure water to reduce the whiskey’s final proof before bottling.