Jason’s Shine-arita
Chilled tall glass full of ice, 1 part Country Gal Moonshine or Iowa Shine, 1 part high pulp orange juice, 1 part triple sec, 2 heavy splashes of sweet/sour, 1/4 lime wedge squeezed and tossed in. “Awesome. That’s some good stuff right there!”
(Submitted to Iowa Distilling Company by Jason W. [via Facebook http://facebook.com/iowadistilling])

Apple Pie
Drop an ounce of Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey into your favorite Apple Cider or Cider Beer and enjoy. Warm the Apple Cider (non-beer) beforehand for a great holiday/party cocktail.

B29 FireBomber – Submitted by David H.
1 oz. Grand Marnier,  3/4 oz Kahlua,  1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream,  1/2 oz Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey.   Mix, stir, pour over ice in a cocktail glass.

1 part Coffee Liqueur, 1 part Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey

Blue Light Special – Submitted by Daphne B.
Blue Kinky, Sprite, Iowa Shine (or Country Gal).

The Hammock
Open your bottle of Steel Drum Rum and sip neat, over rocks, or with a splash of Coke.

Irish Fire
50/50 Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey & Irish Cream Liqueur

Bumpin’ Granny – by Dave Murrin-Von Ebers
2 oz. Steel Drum Rum
1/2 Granny Smith Apple (muddled)
4 slivers of celery (muddled)
1.5 oz. fresh lime juice (approx. half of 1 lime)
1.5 oz. simple syrup
dash salt
Stir together with ice, strain, and serve with 3 square ice cubes in a high ball glass

Burnin’ Pink Lady – by Angel Cotton
2oz of Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey
1.5oz Half and Half
1.5oz apple juice
Dash of cinnamon sugar on top and apple pie seasoning, pink lady apple slice for garnish
Served in a martini glass.

The Hot Toby – by Nick Eldredge
1 ½ oz Iowa Shine
¾ oz Honey
Squeeze of one lemon
Hot Apple Cider
Cinnamon Stir Stick
-In a coffee mug add Iowa Shine, honey and squeeze of one lemon.
-Fill with Hot Apple Cider
-Stir all ingredients with Cinnamon Stir Stick

Iowa Peach – by Hailey Workman
1oz Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey
1.5 oz Iowa Shine
1oz of Peach Puree
1oz of Simple syrup
And top it off with Ginger Ale
Rim with cinnamon sugar , and graham cracker crushed

Iowa Autumn – Submitted by Lindsay M.
1 part Bourbon
2 parts Apple Cider (Fresh from an orchard if you can get it!)
1-2 splashes of Prairie Fire Cinnamon Whiskey
Stir together with ice, or serve warm.

Rum & Coke
Steel Drum Rum & Coke (We prefer Coke Zero!) 🙂