Cumming, Iowa is Iowa Distilling Company’s dot on the map. In fact, some might even say it’s more of a speck.

But those people have probably never been here. Or met anyone from here. And they certainly haven’t tasted any of our spirits. Because the moment that happens, the dot becomes a destination. And we couldn’t be prouder to call it home.

Our spirits have a way of making you feel like you’re exactly where you want to be. And that’s no accident. We are locals. We’re from here and we’ve chosen to stay here. Not because we have to, but because this place is who we are. We’ve done our homework. We’ve put in the time. We were one of the first in the state to get a micro-distilling license. That means our aged spirits are actually aged. We’ve also researched our craft tirelessly to make sure every bottle we produce is our best product, every time. But the real knowledge behind our operation comes from the fact that we are true Iowans. We know the farmers who grow the corn. The hands that distill and then distill again. And often times, the people behind the bar serving every last drop.

So you can put our Straight Bourbon, Zone Vodka, Prairie Fire, Steel Drum Rum, and Rocket Fuel on your top shelf, if that’s your style. But regardless of where you keep the bottle, welcome to the family.


Iowa Distilling Company was faced with a choice as 2018 approached, our dot on the map has turned into a destination. With the growing popularity of Iowa Distilling Company we have seen our spirits continue to find their way into more homes throughout the Iowa.

2017 was a great year for our award winning bourbon and people noticed. As one of the top 20 Iowa produced spirits products, our inventory flew off the shelf as people discovered how good the bourbon coming out of Cumming is. Not willing to compromise the quality and sticking to our roots, we wanted to let you know that we are limiting the supply of our Bourbon as our barrels come to age. We are still going to be releasing our high quality bourbon however it will be a limited release. Don't stop looking for it and keep asking your local Spirit shop to carry it. They can still get it as we will be delivering on a monthly basis, they might need to check regularly to see when it comes back in stock. Also, as you search for this Top Shelf Spirit with a Down Home Spin, let your fellow Iowa Distilling Bourbon fans know where you find it by posting it on our facebook page. Don't forget to try our other spirts too, we make something for everyone. Remember, this is Your Spirit, Your Home #iowadistilling.




No matter what kind of day you're having, Iowa Distilling Company's Straight Bourbon is like a warm 'hello' from an old friend. (One you actually still like. A lot.) With the sophisticated aroma of baking spice and pipe tobacco, Iowa corn has never tasted so fancy. But don't worry, there's nothing pretentious about it. That rich, complex flavor with a hint of butterscotch and caramel is distilled and hand-bottled on our home turf in Cumming, Iowa. And because our bourbon is more beautiful than any piece of art, we number and sign every bottle from every batch. Our pride is your joy. Now get cozy and soak in that nutty richness, nice and slowly.

90 Proof - 750 ML - 6 pack Cases
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